Our Mission

ML2 will improve University students’ software development skills and hiring potential through practical experience on free and open-source software projects.

The primary mission for ML2 is educational.

Students will improve their skills by developing software under mentorship and coaching of professors, industry mentors, teaching assistants, and fellow students who demonstrate coding prowess. This inclusive initiative seeks to blend students from the widest possible University community; enabling students from varied backgrounds, academic standing, and professional experience to mix and collaborate under expert guidance.

ML2 will host projects, seminars, meetups and events from industry, academia and government. Seminars and meetups compliment projects for the educational component. Meetups and events enhance networking and promote industry sponsors and partners. The ML2 operating model is based on elements of Google’s summer-of-code Project-Mentor model. Online project contribution metrics and mentor testimonials will provide unbiased assessment of a student’s hiring potential.

Value proposition for industry

  • Access to potential new hires in our logicel libre developer community
  • Develop new open source features faster and cheaper in your products and dependencies
  • Promote your company and create networks across the software engineering and computer science departments of 7 universities
  • Create Goodwill in the University and open source communities

Value proposition for universities and students

  • Match Interns with Industry and Academic funded open source projects
  • Match Capstone students with Industry and Academic sponsored open source projects
  • Support for graduate students working on open source projects
  • Project mentorship (each submitted project must have a mentor)
  • Teaching assistant (TAs) access
  • Additional mentor access from ML2 staff
  • Networking with ML2 members: students from 7 universities, open source community, mentors, and industry
  • Promotion of projects and students on the ML2 website
  • CV Portfolio testimonial plugin (testimonials from TAs & mentors)
  • CV Portfolio open source code summary plugin (key performance indicators on open source repo contributions)
  • Access to ML2 academic and industry conferences and seminars
  • Access from 9:00 to 12:00 and 1:30PM to 5:30PM to ML2 location on the RC of ETS Pavilion A